I'm an outdoor person at heart driven by an adventurous spirit, and reaching out for any given opportunity that can nurse my passion for photography.

My base is in Vendsyssel, Northern Jutland, Denmark. Travelling is one of my biggest inspirational sources, enhancing my creativity as a photographer - and as a person. I truly enjoy experiencing foreign cultures, wildlife and spectacular nature sceneries - and I'm especially enchanted by the ever changing natural beauty of the Arctic.

Delivering stories via my photos that catch attention, cause inspiration and make people (re)consider is my fuel. Thus, I feel very humble and deeply honoured to receive recognition for this effort by National Geographic awards and publications.

As a dedicated nature, wildlife and sports photographer one of my most important missions is to increase focus on restoring balance in areas that are currently unbalanced - encompassing climate health, nature conservation and conditions in women's soccer.

I hope you may enjoy my photos as much as I did taking them.

For any enquiries, please contact me here.

Liselotte Kahns