This section contains news about my activities, honours and publications.

It is meant to give an impression of my work as a photographer in addition to an overview of my accomplishments in the past, and updates on present and future activities.

A list of short articles describing my major accomplishments and activities is accessible on this section.

Activities, Honours and Publications

November 2019: Scientific Research Cooperation

As part of my work for the Danish tech company, Ohmatex, this photo was used in a newsletter announcing a scientific research cooperation financed by the European Space Agency (ESA). View the newsletter online here (in Danish).

November 2019: Scientific Research Program

This photo was selected as frontcover for the November 2019 newsletter on the Anthropology Research Program at Aarhus University. View the newsletter online here.

August 2019: Press Photo in Maltese Newspaper

My press photo from the UEFA WMS EURO 2021 qualifying match between Denmark and Malta was used in an article in the Maltese newspaper "TIMES of MALTA". View the article online here.

July and August 2019: Digital Photo Exhibition

My photos from Pernille Harder Football Camp 2019 were exposed at the library in Silkeborg as a digital photo exhibition on a 300 x 300 cm wide screen. View my teaser here (in Danish).

May 2019: Sponsorship Photo Credit

This photo was selected for release of Pernille Harder's sponsorship with MasterCard.

April 2019: Spaceweather Frontcover

This photo made it as my third frontcover on View the article online here.

February 2019: National Geographic "Editor's Note"

This photo received an "Editor's Note" from an Editor of the National Geographic "Yourshot" community (the website has been discontinued, since all activities moved to instagram).

2018: National Geographic Publications and "Editor's Note"

This photo was awarded thrice within the National Geographic "Yourshot" community. It was selected and published as "Daily Dozen" in March 2016. It received an "Editor's Note", and was selected by two National Geographic photographers and published as part of the "Exploring Time" story in 2018. (the NG "yourshot" website has been discontinued, since all activities moved to instagram).

September 2016: Spaceweather Frontcover

This photo became my second frontcover on View the article online here.

January 2016: Digital Photo Exhibition

A photo safari to Alaska during fall 2015 resulted in a digital photo exhibition at the library in Silkeborg. View my teaser here (in Danish).

November 2015: Spaceweather Frontcover

My first frontcover on View the article online here.

2012: "Vejret - tidsskrift for vejr og klima" Frontcover

The magazine "Vejret - tidsskrift for vejr og klima" is a magazine for the Danish Meteorological Society. My photo was selected as the frontcover, and it was the central object for an article inside the magazine as well. View the magazine online here (in Danish).

2011: Photo Exhibition

A dog sled trip to the eastern part of Greenland, a remote wilderness and southernmost part of the Danish Sirius Patrol territory, inspired me to make my first photo exhibition. The physical exhibition started its journey in Spar Nord Bank in Hobro, and was subsequently transferred to various locations in Aarhus, e.g. the Main Library. A digital version was exhibited at the library in Silkeborg, view my teaser here (in Danish). The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, published an article about my trip.